Dairy Products Help Reduce Obesity in Middle-Aged Women

  • Mar 15, 2022
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Women who eat little dairy protein like milk, yogurt and cheese are at a higher risk of muscle atrophy and abdominal obesity, a study finds.

The 12-year-long study of 4,014 middle-aged and elderly women conducted by a team of Prof. Lee Jun-hyuk of Nowon Eulji Medical Center and Prof. Kwon Yu-jin of Yongin Severance Hospital was published in a recent issue of International Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The team studied the incidence of muscle atrophy and abdominal obesity by dividing them into three groups depending on their lactose intake. The incidence turned out to be about two times higher in the group who ate the least amount of lacto protein than in the group who ate the most.

Dairy products help boost muscle mass and metabolize fat. "Muscle atrophy and body fat caused by aging, increase the risk of injuries from a fall and cardiovascular diseases," Lee said.

As women tend to have less muscle mass and more body fat than men, they should take care of their nutrition more carefully before they reach the rapid hormonal changes of the menopause.