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Best Online Shopping Website in Japan

  • Jul 14, 2022
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This list is about the Best Online Shopping Website in Japan. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Online Shopping Website in Japan. I hope you like this list Best Online Shopping Website in Japan. So lets begin.

Japan is synonymous with technology. For decades, the country has been recognized as a leading force in producing high-quality technology products, creating a population of tech-savvy people with an appetite for innovation and convenience through technology solutions. With this introduction, it is not surprising to learn that Japan is the fourth largest e-commerce market in the world after China, the United States and the United Kingdom.

With 119 million of its 126.8 million people connected to the Internet and 74% of the online population shopping online, Japan has a history of e-commerce success, with local brands like Rakuten and DMM creating healthy competition with international electronic commerce. Heavyweight categories like Amazon and Yahoo! Auctions. In addition to a population that is well versed in technology, Japan is proud of its wealthy citizens who have the ability to purchase products online. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the market value of Japan’s e-commerce in 2015 exceeded 13.7 trillion yen: 124.4 billion dollars. Also, the mobile commerce market in Japan is huge due to the culture around technology. Even their seniors have been known to make mobile purchases.


Here is the list of the best online shopping website in Japan

Qoo10 Japan

Qoo10 is an online marketplace with a large portfolio of fashion, beauty, sports, digital, mobile, home, life, food, baby, entertainment, books and e-tickets. Following the acquisition of South Korea’s Gmarket site, Qoo10, which is operated by a joint venture with eBay, one of the top e-commerce leaders in the US and the world, is available in other Asian markets, particularly in Korea and Singapore.


Wowma is one of the most popular online marketplaces in Japan. Their inventory is constantly updated and updated to keep up with the latest trends. Wowma was founded by KDDI, au mobile corporation, one of the largest mobile phone companies in Japan. Therefore, the Wowma mobile site is very popular and is used by about 85% of mobile phone users in Japan. Therefore, selling on Wowma Marketplace is highly valuable and recommended to increase customer volume.

KDDI is currently focusing on expanding communication services. Its brand has more than 38 million registered customers, more than 14 million Smart Switch app subscribers and more than 2,500 physical stores. In addition to communication services, au also has a billing platform that allows people to buy food and necessities, and also offers financial services such as life insurance, home insurance, mortgages and loans. KDDI Group has set a revenue target of 2 trillion yen for fiscal year 2018, so “Vowma!” plays a crucial role in this regard.

yahoo! shopping japan

What’s stopping you from buying your favorite second-hand items on Japan’s online markets? There is no denying that only Japanese residents can participate in Yahoo Auctions Japan, one of the largest auction sites in Japan. What if I told you that you don’t have to be Japanese to get the best deals at Japanese auctions? Neokyo does just that. Neokyo is a proxy service that allows foreign buyers to purchase second-hand items from Japanese websites such as Yahoo Auctions or items from online retailers in Japan. Don’t worry, Neokyo handles all the transactions. All you have to do is go to our search bar, enter your keywords, select Yahoo Auctions, select the one that catches your eye, and place your bid.


Launched in 2012, Rakuma (then called Fril, still used as URL) was the first application in the Japanese mobile market focused on fashion and beauty. Mercari may be the biggest name in the Japanese smartphone market, but Rakuma is fighting for that crown. With over 10 million apps downloaded and counted, Rakuma stays here. Whether you’re interested in Japanese streetwear, kawaii Harajuku fashion, or luxury brands, you can find thousands of great discounts among the thousands of listings on the site. If you want to start shopping at Rakuma, but are having trouble navigating the site in Japanese, look no further. In this shopping guide, we will show you how to search for items or brands and even how to order from Rakuma without a Japanese address or credit card using the FROM JAPAN proxy service.

Zozo City

ZOZOTOWN is one of the largest online fashion shopping sites in Japan, where you can find any items from local and international brands. Some well-known brands like Adidas, Uniqlo, Nike, H&M regularly sell exclusive products on Zozo.jp. Zozo not only distributes the latest products, but also sells used items. And of course these products are sold at very low prices.


Mercari is an online marketplace in Japan that specializes in second-hand items. Like eBay, anyone can sign up to become a buyer or seller. Mercari is also known as a way to find exclusive products at a lower price. Value items are often greatly reduced when sold on Mercari, and quality standards are high. Some vendors also allow you to negotiate a price. This means you can find great deals and save money. Unlike other websites used for used items in Japan, such as Craigslist, Mercari items are still shipped without relying on personal trades. The communication is also anonymous, so there are no privacy issues. For these reasons, Mercari has become an online shopping staple for many Japanese residents.


Amazon and Rakuten: side by side as popular markets in Japan. Amazon receives 556 million monthly visits, while Rakuten receives 544 million. The other markets don’t come close. In general, online marketplaces dominate e-commerce in Japan, rather than traditional online stores. A survey of Japanese consumers by the e-commerce fund showed that 39% had shopped online in the last month. However, only 10.2% of Japanese consumers made purchases on foreign websites, while US cross-border purchases accounted for 54%. This is not reflected in other popular global sites like eBay or Etsy, but in a global online marketplace (Amazon) with more than 1 million monthly visits from Japan. These companies do not regularly report market sales data and their country accounts do not include a breakdown by country. While some sources consider Rakuten to be Japan’s largest online marketplace by revenue, others claim that Amazon is currently the leader.


DMM.com Ltd. (dMM.com) is a Japan-based Internet and e-commerce company with a diversified business group that includes online shopping and video-on-demand services. The company operates the online entertainment site DMM.com, which allows users to purchase goods and services such as e-books, games, major DVD releases and 3D printing. Its subsidiary DMM.com Securities is the second largest foreign exchange firm in the world by trading volume. As of June 2021, DMM.com has over 34 million registered users.

amazon japan

Founded in 1994 in the United States, Amazon began as an online bookstore, which later diversified into media, electronics, clothing, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. Spread to many countries, including Japan, Amazon has become an uncompetitive world leader in e-commerce, and Whole Foods Market has also become a traditional retailer with the purchase of publications, electronics, cloud computing, streaming video and production.

yahoo! Japan auctions

Yahoo Auctions Japan is also abbreviated as Yafuoku or Y! A. This is the largest online auction site in Japan. It attracts many auction participants from companies and individuals from all over the world. Access to Yahoo JP Auction is easy and offers many customer auctions. Every day more than 25 million auctions are held on this site and millions of products are purchased. The peculiarity is that the selling price of the product depends on the buyer. All customers offer the same product together. Whoever bids the highest price wins the auction and the item goes to them.

Yahoo Auctions was “born” after eBay, another online auction site, but with its strong development, Yahoo Auctions has pushed eBay out of the market because it can’t compete. Yahoo Auctions looks like Japan’s largest second-hand market for cherry blossoms. Japanese products were sold at very low prices. It sells everything from clothes, electronics, appliances to cosmetics and stationery. You can buy many popular clothing brands like Bape, Supreme, Beam, Adidas. In general, Yahoo Japan Auction is a huge Japanese warehouse. If you can’t find what you need on this site, you won’t find it on other e-commerce sites.